Things that make you look like a desperate single

We’ve all been single for at least once in our life. Thus, we can all sympathise with the emotional daily life that singles have whether you are or not single. But what is sadder is that single people fixate on those emotions and do not allow themselves to enjoy their life and get into the dating pool While feeling sad, unhappy and emotional all the time, that takes out a bad color on single people which also reflects on their confidence as well. Now, the most impact on your confidence is making themselves look desperate.

Let’s have a look at what are the things that make a single person look desperate:

1. You give up on your standards

Lowering your standards can result in attaining someone you are not that into. Settling for someone who is not up to your standards, does not only mean that they won’t live up to your expectations, you will also feel unhappy while being with them and eventually break up. It also means that you have no respect for yourself since your confidence is so low that you are willing to be with someone just so that you won’t be single anymore. That is simply not worth it.

2. Clingy much?

Ok, now that you found someone who is actually up to your standards, be careful not to be too clingy as you will end up scaring them off. That would be the worst case scenario since you’ve worked so much to find them and being too clingy will bring you back to square one. If you’re constantly calling them and texting them and suffocating them, they will look elsewhere for a more relaxed relationship. You need to set some ground rules for yourself and give the other person some space to breathe. In other words, being too clingy will make you look desperate and that does not look good on anyone.

3. You have the need to label your relationship status

Another way to come off as desperate is to constantly ask for relationship updates. This is annoying especially at the beginning of your dates. Let things loose and don’t worry so much about what you are. Doing so will drive your potential partner away. It is better to enjoy every minute of it rather than having to be constantly reassured and making that person feeling suffocated.

4. Another text addict?

Are you a text person? Use them in moderation. Avoid sending texts every minute of the day just to check in what they are doing or what they are up to. Make them want to text you rather than becoming a texting monster and annoying them. Give them some chance to breathe instead and we’re sure they will end up looking for you rather than you texting them all the time.

5. Seem like you’re into the same things

You should avoid looking like a hypocrite just so you grab their interest and attention. Pretending to like everything that they like is the last thing you want to do. Noone likes a liar and believe us when we say this, lies always come out in the end. You would like them lying to you, why would you lie to them? Especially when your lies come out and you look disrespectful and dishonest to them.

It’s not too late to change and move on, here are the ways to avoid:

1. Keep your standards high

You should respect yourself enough to want to find someone who obliges to the standards that you are looking for. Know what you want and don’t stop until you find it. Of course, your standards must be sensible and compromise when you should.

2. Know what you want

As previously mentioned, it is crucial to identify what you are looking for in a person. That way you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner and you will not settle for anything less than that.

3. Be patient

It is something new and exciting for you yet it is better you be patient and not smother your partner. Get comfortable and enjoy the ride.

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