The five best things about dating an interracial partner

These days its like everywhere you look, you can’t miss seeing someone with an interracial partner.  We recently experienced the royal wedding when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. So clearly, there must be something great about being an interracial couple.

5 Benefits of interracial love

1. You learn new things about your partner’s culture

One of the major benefits of having an interracial partner is that every day is a learning experience. This is a person who probably comes from a totally different culture. You will definitely learn a lot about their food, music, traditions, beliefs … Plus you will get to experience all these things firsthand.

Some people may have a problem with some of these differences. But if you keep an open mind you will be amazed at how much you will enjoy most things.

2. You get a different experience from what you are usually used to

First off there is the differences in race and possibly color. For some people this is not something they are used to. Its a whole new experience. And something new is always exciting. Apparently, these new experiences can even enhance things in the bedroom)

3. You get to travel

If your interracial mate isn’t originally from your country, you get the opportunity to travel their country and explore new things that may not be in your country. Take advantage of this.

4. Mixed race kids with your interracial partner will be cute

interracial familyThis is not just a myth. Its real. Have you seen an interracial family with their kids? Damn! Those kids are cute. They always get envious stares from people all the time. I think that the combination of races brings out some exotic features in these kids. Your kids will definitely be adorable.

5. You become stronger as a couple

The true test of interracial love comes in the wake of criticism from people. What I love most about interracial couples is that they believe in their love. Interracial couples tend to fight for one another in the presence of racists and haters. And this makes their love much stronger. A great bond is formed.


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