The best winter holidays for you and your interracial partner to consider in England

holidays in england

For most of the people, UK is not the first choice to spend their winter vacation because of uncertain weather conditions. Winters in England can be quite difficult for most people because of shorter days, dark morning and chilling evening. Many of you might want to visit Cyprus, Greece, Italy or other countries who are slightly warm then England. 
There are certain places in the UK where you can enjoy your Christmas vacations.


Devon looks beautiful in almost every season, but it’s most famous for its stunning winters. 
Take a drive up to Exmoor in North Devon and be blown away by the scenic countryside views and unusual beauty. You will be able to find plenty of welcoming resturants and pubs to make your trip perfect. 
If winter season gives you shiver then head towards south Devon, South side of the Devon is known for its worm whether palm tree-lined shores and natural suntrap.  

Lake District

One of the most favored holiday destination all year round, in winter, the landscape is just as beautiful. Enjoy the undisturbed wilderness of the hills and lakes in the calm and peaceful winters. Each lake is suitable for the peaceful walks, hiking, flat lakeside strolls, etc. because of being the favored holiday destination Lake District has many good resturants and pubs to offer.


Experience this winters at blue flag beach and enjoy the delicious food. Seaside resort of Clacton-on-Sea possesses an atmospheric feel in winter. You can also enjoy the live theatrical performances at West Cliff Theatre, established in 1899.


Looking for cheap but beautiful winter vacations? Visit Settle. With stunning scenic view and abundance of amenities, you will be able to experince peaceful winter holidays within your budget.

North Ayrshire

Looking for a countryside escape? North Ayrshire can be a great choice. With world-famous malt whiskeys, locally caught seafood, and scenic villages, I could not expect more from a vacation. 
You will be able to enjoy abundance of wildlife, its a perfect place for someone passionate about the great outdoors

What’s is it like to have a white girlfriend?

dating white women

Since the last time we talked about why having a black girlfriend is an experience like no other, today we are telling black men who want to date a white girlfriend, what the experience is like. Much as not all white women are the same, there are certain traits that most of them possess. Plus, my advice is to find the right white girl who compliments you in every way.

Why a Black man might benefit from dating a white girl

They love to party

interracial couple at a partyIf you are the kind of man that loves to party, she will be the life of your party. White women like love to let loose. These women are adventurous. She will dance and she will also hike. The thing is, when its time to be easy and enjoy life, she will do it properly. All you need to do is to tell her what adventure you want to try next.

They put more value in a man’s inner beauty than his physical beauty and finances

It doesn’t matter how good or masculine a man is, how educated ot how fat his bank account is. A white girlfriend will love you for who you are. The only thing she wants in return is genuine love and respect. All she wants is a man who can treat her right.

The accent can be sexy

If you use your online dating site well and you have no qualms about where the girl comes from, then you definitely want to try including white women from England, Australia, France, Germany… These women have got very sexy accents. She speaks and you go dazed!

A white girlfriend can be quite adventurous in the bedroom

interracial couple sex

Now, this is something that we have all heard. Now, I know its not good to stereotype. But I think it all stems from the fact that the Western culture is quite liberal. Plus, we see the way they love PDAs. That should definitely tell you something. If they can be that open in public, imagine when it’s just the two of you…

Why Having A Black Girlfriend Is An Experience Like No Other

black girlfriend

Most of the white men have got mixed feelings for the black women, some get intimidated with their personality and some experience a big crush on them.

If you are someone not sure about having a black girlfriend then tighten your seat belt, we are going to give you reasons that will surely make you fall in love with them. For me having a relationship with a black woman is a totally different feeling and everyone should give it a try at least once in a life.

Although the reasons might sound a bit stereotypical because every person has their own personality traits but there are few common behavioral patterns that these women learn from the beginning of their lives.

black girlfriendThey know how to stand by their partner

one of the most common traits of black women is they don’t let anyone disrespect themselves, their partner and their family. This behavior of staying together with the family was inherited from their part where Africans have seen slavery and poverty.

If you ever got annoyed with your girlfriend who doesn’t have guts to support you then you must experience a life with black women, she will hustle with you and she will fight for you if required.

That Booty

While women from all over the world are investing in the surgeries to make there but look bigger, having a fake breast, these dusky beauties are naturally god gifted. Most of them got the booty that you would never get bored of squeezing.

Only men who have dated black women can understand the feeling of that curvy body, she makes you feel strong and horny at the same time.

Seductive dance moves

Black women act as a natural testosterone booster for me, lol. Black women don’t just love pub culture but they are also well aware of how to perfect their dance moved according to the beats of DJ.

She is going to push you for being the best

Black people have experienced a hard time in the past and they believe in constantly pushing their limits to have a better future, you will definitely be pushed to be the best version of your life.

Your confidence level.

This is the psychological impact of dating black women, you will experience a rise in your own confidence level whenever you walk with her, you will surely adopt an authoritative body language, you will learn to take a stand and you will learn respect family.

The five best things about dating an interracial partner

mixed race couple

These days its like everywhere you look, you can’t miss seeing someone with an interracial partner.  We recently experienced the royal wedding when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. So clearly, there must be something great about being an interracial couple.

5 Benefits of interracial love

1. You learn new things about your partner’s culture

One of the major benefits of having an interracial partner is that every day is a learning experience. This is a person who probably comes from a totally different culture. You will definitely learn a lot about their food, music, traditions, beliefs … Plus you will get to experience all these things firsthand.

Some people may have a problem with some of these differences. But if you keep an open mind you will be amazed at how much you will enjoy most things.

2. You get a different experience from what you are usually used to

First off there is the differences in race and possibly color. For some people this is not something they are used to. Its a whole new experience. And something new is always exciting. Apparently, these new experiences can even enhance things in the bedroom)

3. You get to travel

If your interracial mate isn’t originally from your country, you get the opportunity to travel their country and explore new things that may not be in your country. Take advantage of this.

4. Mixed race kids with your interracial partner will be cute

interracial familyThis is not just a myth. Its real. Have you seen an interracial family with their kids? Damn! Those kids are cute. They always get envious stares from people all the time. I think that the combination of races brings out some exotic features in these kids. Your kids will definitely be adorable.

5. You become stronger as a couple

The true test of interracial love comes in the wake of criticism from people. What I love most about interracial couples is that they believe in their love. Interracial couples tend to fight for one another in the presence of racists and haters. And this makes their love much stronger. A great bond is formed.


Nothing compares to dating Latino girls

happy hispanic woman

Latino girls have been hailed by most people who date them. Much as they come from various parts, there are several traits they have that are common with most of them. If you get a chance to date one of these girls you have found a treasure.

Why dating Hispanic women is great.

Latino girls are feisty, vocal and full of energy.

These are traits that make these women stand out. The beauty of dating a Latino woman is that they are honest and will not mince their words. So if you are doing something wrong, she will tell you upfront. So you will always know if you are treating her right.

They are loving and caring

Latinas are very loving and caring people. If you meet one who likes you, be sure she will give you all her heart. Just be sure to reciprocate and treat her with the respect she deserves.

They are very much family oriented

Family is very important for most Latino girls. Respect that. If you are planning to take it to the next level, she will embrace your family as if it were her own. Plus you are guaranteed that she will take care of you when you start your own.

They love food so you will never go hungry

aromatic foodAlways go on an empty stomach. Whenever you pay her a visit she will feed you. Plus, they really know how to cook some great dishes that are bursting with flavor. With recipes handed down from generation to generation, just sit there and enjoy the feast.

They are great dancers.

Hispanic music is great. And so are the women at dancing. You will have so much fun with her as she will shake her body like no one can. Their culture is very rich and fun. Embrace it. You are going to love every bit of it.





How to get over an ex in order to move on with your life

breaking up

There is nothing searched more than how to get over an ex. It is never an easy thing for someone to do especially if you have invested too much time in the relationship. It can even get harder when you are on the receiving end of the breakup and you didn’t see it coming.

Now, the breakup might be dragging you down. Your ex might still be occupying your mind. However, at some point, you need to let go of him or her.  Sad as breakups are, brooding over an ex isn’t healthy either. And stalking them on social media is worse.

Below are some tips on how to get over your ex and prepare yourself to reenter the dating field again.

1. Cry! Cry! Cry!

man cryingCrying is not just for babies. It is very therapeutic. Its ok to be sad. So make sure you give yourself enough time to cry.

2. Reflect

Think about the relationship and reflect on what might have gone wrong. Apparently, it helps ease ones pain as opposed to ignoring that the break up happened. Acceptance is the way to healing.

3. Hang out with your friends

You probably spent less time with your friends. Go out with them and have fun in order to take your mind off things.

4. Get a hobby

Pick up a hobby that single people can enjoy such as a dance class, a fitness class or even volunteering.

5. Stop hanging out with your mutual friends

At some point in the relationship, you find yourself sharing friends. If you continue hanging out with them, they will always drag you down as they tell you stories about your ex and how they are moving on.

6. How to get over an ex is as easy as getting a makeover

woman applying lipstickYou might not feel like doing it but changing your look can make you see things in a different light. At the same tie, it will get you ready to look attractive for the next guy or girl. Apply that lipstick, dress up and hold your head high.

7. Try online dating

Once you are ready to move on, how about giving online dating a shot. Its a great start to moving on…

5 struggles that interracial couples face

Much as interracial relationships are on the rise, there are a number of interracial couples who still have to go through some unpleasant experiences. All these are because of the biases within the society that some people still carry around. Even the highly esteemed interracial celebrity couples have had their fair share of discrimination and backlash online.

Here are some of the 5 common struggles that mixed race couples still face for being together.

1.Snappy comments about your spouse

There are people who still don’t understand how one can be attracted to someone from a different race. It makes some uncomfortable that you find them making overt or covert racist comments.

One White man’s friend asked his Asian girlfriend whether she understood English. He spoke to her slowly even after telling him that she is American born and raised.

Annoying as some of these comments can be, I guess some people just can’t handle the fact that people can be open to dating interracially.

2. When people assume interracial couples hate their own race

“Did you not find a man your own race to date”? This question is brought up by those who feel you probably hate your own race. This is something that most black people dating interracially have been asked.

Some people cant just believe that interracial relationships can be based on love. They feel there must be an underlying racial hatred to it. They feel you don’t want your children to have your features.

3. When people ask if you are the nanny to your own kids

black woman mixed kidThis happens so much to black and white couples especially if the kids have more white features. One woman walked up to a kid and blatantly asked her where her mommy was. And that time, the African American mom was holding her hand.

There was an instance where a dad had to explain to the police that he was, in fact, the father after someone called to report a kidnapping.

4. When people hit on your spouse because they don’t consider you as a couple.

I have never understood why people still find it hard to accept that interracial couples exist. So even when together at social events, you might find people flirting openly with your significant other… or you. They completely choose to ignore the possibility of you two being an item. Some assume its probably a work thing.

5. When people harass you for being together

Some get spat on. Others get insulted, using words and even physically. It is so sad that we still see accounts of hate crimes against interracial couples all over the internet.

Things that make you look like a desperate single

We’ve all been single for at least once in our life. Thus, we can all sympathise with the emotional daily life that singles have whether you are or not single. But what is sadder is that single people fixate on those emotions and do not allow themselves to enjoy their life and get into the dating pool While feeling sad, unhappy and emotional all the time, that takes out a bad color on single people which also reflects on their confidence as well. Now, the most impact on your confidence is making themselves look desperate.

Let’s have a look at what are the things that make a single person look desperate:

1. You give up on your standards

Lowering your standards can result in attaining someone you are not that into. Settling for someone who is not up to your standards, does not only mean that they won’t live up to your expectations, you will also feel unhappy while being with them and eventually break up. It also means that you have no respect for yourself since your confidence is so low that you are willing to be with someone just so that you won’t be single anymore. That is simply not worth it.

2. Clingy much?

Ok, now that you found someone who is actually up to your standards, be careful not to be too clingy as you will end up scaring them off. That would be the worst case scenario since you’ve worked so much to find them and being too clingy will bring you back to square one. If you’re constantly calling them and texting them and suffocating them, they will look elsewhere for a more relaxed relationship. You need to set some ground rules for yourself and give the other person some space to breathe. In other words, being too clingy will make you look desperate and that does not look good on anyone.

3. You have the need to label your relationship status

Another way to come off as desperate is to constantly ask for relationship updates. This is annoying especially at the beginning of your dates. Let things loose and don’t worry so much about what you are. Doing so will drive your potential partner away. It is better to enjoy every minute of it rather than having to be constantly reassured and making that person feeling suffocated.

4. Another text addict?

Are you a text person? Use them in moderation. Avoid sending texts every minute of the day just to check in what they are doing or what they are up to. Make them want to text you rather than becoming a texting monster and annoying them. Give them some chance to breathe instead and we’re sure they will end up looking for you rather than you texting them all the time.

5. Seem like you’re into the same things

You should avoid looking like a hypocrite just so you grab their interest and attention. Pretending to like everything that they like is the last thing you want to do. Noone likes a liar and believe us when we say this, lies always come out in the end. You would like them lying to you, why would you lie to them? Especially when your lies come out and you look disrespectful and dishonest to them.

It’s not too late to change and move on, here are the ways to avoid:

1. Keep your standards high

You should respect yourself enough to want to find someone who obliges to the standards that you are looking for. Know what you want and don’t stop until you find it. Of course, your standards must be sensible and compromise when you should.

2. Know what you want

As previously mentioned, it is crucial to identify what you are looking for in a person. That way you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner and you will not settle for anything less than that.

3. Be patient

It is something new and exciting for you yet it is better you be patient and not smother your partner. Get comfortable and enjoy the ride.

The realities of being a mixed race person

interracial family

“Mixed up” is a film which highlights the experiences of mixed race people. See the thing is, there has been a great rise in interracial relationships and marriages. So it makes sense that there is a general rise in mixed race individuals. And growing up as a mixed person comes with its own challenges. And the biggest challenge is the issue of identity.

What are you?

The thing is, most interracial individuals are usually bombarded with the question: What are you. It’s like society expects them to explain why they look different. And normally we always expect them to pick a side. What race are they? And for some reason, people have a high fascination for them.

Let’s look at someone born of a white mother and a black father for instance. These individuals usually have to deal with being in the middle. Blacks will say they are not black enough. On the other hand, they are not white enough. So such individuals usually find themselves being discriminated upon for this.

Racism.. and mixed individuals

If it comes to racism, they find themselves feeling this from both sides. Parents of mixed individuals on the other hand usually find themselves having to explain to their children why they don’t look like either parent. Some parents have been called nannies to their own children. Others have been mistaken for kidnappers. And they always find themselves having to explain themselves to people. And these are their own flesh and blood.

With the rise of many mixed families, the numbers of these individuals are rising. So there is need to address this issue of identity. The thing is, our future is becoming more mixed. We find lesser traditional families these days. And when mixed individuals finally get married, their families tend to become even more diverse as they might find themselves consisting of more than one race.

So, let’s all embrace these individuals.

Realities of Interracial Dating in the United Kingdom

white woman black man

Just like in the US, interracial dating in the United Kingdom was mainly black and white in the 1960s. White women who dated interracially then were considered ‘traitors’.

Interracial Dating in The UK

Such realities of interracial dating in the UK were highlighted in the film “A United Kindom” of 2016. This is a real life story of a Botswana president, Sir Seretse Khama who went to Britain for his studies and fell in love with this White woman, Ruth. And their interracial love stirred a diplomatic crisis between the UK and South Africa which neighbors Botswana.

Today, things have changed massively. However, one woman recalls her mixed race daughter coming home upset after a night out. She was with a white man. And the remark that hurt her was: “Why do all you black girls think you can take our men?”

Well, clearly, interracial dating in the UK is so far off from the US. Such comments about what race takes another race are something that we have heard too many a times. It’s not a new thing. And much as things are better, the UK hasn’t come as far as it thinks if people are still making such comments.

Like other areas, this is a country that believes they are living in a place where people are racially tolerant and that they don’t see color. We want to seem open-minded. But clearly, not everyone is.

UK in 70s and 80s

So, yes we have progressed. yes, there is more interracial dating happening in the UK that it was in the 70s and 80s. There are more mixed race families and individuals that are cropping up with every passing year. But does this automatically make us tolerant? People are still driven by attitudes and prejudices.

Today, some people are still fascinated by interracial couples. The glances don’t seem to end. Interracial dating clearly is still a fairly new concept in the United Kingdom.