5 struggles that interracial couples face

Much as interracial relationships are on the rise, there are a number of interracial couples who still have to go through some unpleasant experiences. All these are because of the biases within the society that some people still carry around. Even the highly esteemed interracial celebrity couples have had their fair share of discrimination and backlash online.

Here are some of the 5 common struggles that mixed race couples still face for being together.

1.Snappy comments about your spouse

There are people who still don’t understand how one can be attracted to someone from a different race. It makes some uncomfortable that you find them making overt or covert racist comments.

One White man’s friend asked his Asian girlfriend whether she understood English. He spoke to her slowly even after telling him that she is American born and raised.

Annoying as some of these comments can be, I guess some people just can’t handle the fact that people can be open to dating interracially.

2. When people assume interracial couples hate their own race

“Did you not find a man your own race to date”? This question is brought up by those who feel you probably hate your own race. This is something that most black people dating interracially have been asked.

Some people cant just believe that interracial relationships can be based on love. They feel there must be an underlying racial hatred to it. They feel you don’t want your children to have your features.

3. When people ask if you are the nanny to your own kids

black woman mixed kidThis happens so much to black and white couples especially if the kids have more white features. One woman walked up to a kid and blatantly asked her where her mommy was. And that time, the African American mom was holding her hand.

There was an instance where a dad had to explain to the police that he was, in fact, the father after someone called to report a kidnapping.

4. When people hit on your spouse because they don’t consider you as a couple.

I have never understood why people still find it hard to accept that interracial couples exist. So even when together at social events, you might find people flirting openly with your significant other… or you. They completely choose to ignore the possibility of you two being an item. Some assume its probably a work thing.

5. When people harass you for being together

Some get spat on. Others get insulted, using words and even physically. It is so sad that we still see accounts of hate crimes against interracial couples all over the internet.

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