Interracial Dating UK and Mixed Singles

Interracial Dating in UK is becoming more and more spread and accepted, mixed people are increasing as well. We support the notion and we are here to provide a stand to people who would like to share their thoughts and experiences on their interracial dating stories or on being a mixed person.


Forum on Interracial Dating UK and Mixed Singles UK

A forum for blended race individuals and mixed-race supporters to talk about race news, issues, and encounters. Our goal is to give a platform where individuals of every single ethnic background can commonly and authentically share their perspectives on race, what they encounter and how they manage bigotry and racism.

Keep the dialogs in a civilized manner!

This implies:

  • This forum supports anti-racism, so no racist/bigotry comments are accepted
  • This also implies no homophobic, sexist or any other kind of degrading comments towards your fellow readers
  • Share your thoughts without offending anyone or anything
  • Offensive comments will be removed by the admin
  • We have zero tolerance in spamming, asking for money or bribery. In case someone approaches you in that manner, report them and we will take care of the rest

You can simply create your own thread and ask questions or start a conversation with fellow mullatos!

We would love to see what your experiences are. Thousands of people face racism and bigotry every day. Everyone carries their own burden and so we are here to give a listening platform and provide any kind of support in any way possible. And remember, you are NOT alone!